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This was a planet once, long before the company war.  Before the earth’s oil reserves were burnt away and contaminated. 


Almost two hundred years before we handed over control to the world conglomerate, before the nuclear attacks and the ensuing holocaust.  Before the bio warfare created a new enemy to mankind.  Before we lost control of the weather machines and made most of the world uninhabitable.  This was a planet where we feared gods most of all.  A world with many cities, many peoples, and ideals. 


Now there is only one place.  One city shining bright amid the sewage

we created, protected only by an artificial weather ring shielding its inhabitants from the poisoned air and the beings that breathe it. 

But this is no utopia.  More like a forsaken Eden, where the serpents

feed the people rotten apples in exchange for empty promises and a lifetime of servitude.  The people can feel the batteries attached to

their spines, constantly draining and charging. They can see their

lives disappearing with every step on the kinetic wheels. They know

to protest is to be cast back into the polluted wasteland.  But from

beyond the swirling winds and dying earth, there comes a savior from

the past.  An ancient warrior kept alive by the very science that

strangles the living. He is, the Trunkface.

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