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A group of young creatives strive for fame and fortune while facing the challenges of crippling mediocrity, predatory capitalism and communal living. Half hour comedy.

Join touring musicians as they travel the nation, profiling a different American city in each episode. With the help of local tour guides in the form of singers, artists, shop keepers and resident characters, experience life in a new place, and through the common thread of music, discover it's unique personality. 

Development Kids

Sketch comedy from the parking lot, past the speed bump, to the left of the dumpsters. Ring the bell and we'll buzz you in, elevator's broke so use the stairs. 

The Lucid

Between sleep and dream there are places where reality bends and the world you think you know becomes inhabited by your innermost fantasies and deepest fears.  Horror/ Sci-fi shorts, anthology series.

Part stand up comedy show, part reality show, part freak show. Enter an NYC open mic held inside a private location where anything goes. Guest comedians, hosts and regulars invite you to take a seat on the couch and drink up, smoke up and laugh up.  

State Hills

40 minute episodic drama. IN DEVELOPMENT

Rest Stop

Feature film. Horror/Thriller. IN DEVELOPMENT

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