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After a near disaster, an eccentric young artist and his house full of fame-lusting creatives are forced to accept a conservative financier as their landlord’s watch dog, misguided life coach and reluctant roommate.

In this world of gray business suits and forty hour workweeks, short ceilinged cubicles and long term mortgages; there are those extra special souls who are filled with an everlasting light. An energy that shines as a beacon of hope, guiding the masses through the monotonous boredom of their meaningless lives and transporting them to a place where dreams aren’t just for children, but for those brave enough to take on the burden of following those dreams they dreamt of, these are - the Artists.

They sacrifice their lives, selflessly dedicating themselves to attaining fame, wealth and immortality. Life can be hard for those who choose to walk this noble path. The oversleeping, wild sex and partying can take its toll on a young creative genius.

Thankfully there is a place where artists of all kinds can be free to live without fear of ridicule or responsibility.  It’s more than just a house on a hill. More than cheap rent or a communal bathroom. More than a sink full of dishes, or roommate sex noises.  It’s a place where rights and wrongs are determined by likes and comments. Where nothing ever really happens unless someone is there to applaud it; where one can finally attain the full attention of the entire world.

So if you have a burning desire to help people better experience your greatness, if you have ever felt like a

star, if you have ever thought that you might be the

center of the universe - there is always a light on for

you, at the House Of Dreams.

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